Warsaw has it

Hey there.

It’s me, took a while didn’t it. I haven’t been writing since my coffee shop in Gothenburg was running, I had longer beard and my water from home tap tasted like heaven.

I am in Warsaw now, Yes, I’m back to Poland and I couldn’t be happier. So many things happened that I can’t even imagine how to start, but hey, that’s life, in it.

I am sitting at our new cafe. Special one. Coffeedesk, You might have heard that name before. You know, those guys that sell things, are way too happy and enthusiastic about everything, know coffee inside out and actually set trends. Yes, them 🙂 THEY OPENED COFFEE SHOP IN WARSAW.

Let’s get right into it, as I tend to bull***t…


I enter the shop, three people behind the bar, it’s warm inside, I like it. In half a second, bearded (of course) guys turns, just to smile, You know, that flirty movement of corner of Your mouth, just so the other person smiles too. So I did. I come to the bar, He smiles again… (CALL ME).  After my favourite small talk, we get to the order.


I ordered a drip coffee (how original of me, I know), I got offered Kenyan, but as It’s Saturday morning, don’t do it to me with those heavy bodied liquids in my stomach. We talked coffee through and settled on Colombian from Aeropress (just a disclaimer, I am not the biggest fan of aeropress), but hey, they supossed to know right? As we established that, let’s name him “beautiful smile” asked if I want anything else, I didn’t really know, so we left the tab open (this is not a good idea for me, especially in bars, that’s where  I become poor in a blink of an eye).


As I left the bathroom (super pretty and classy), I looked around the place, it’s not cozy, it’s something else. It’s modern, but warm, stylish but “homie” (as “feels like home”, not this dude with gun robbing people in Brooklyn).  Very comfy chairs, stylish too. Colours? Shades of blue, white, grey, wood. Loving this, whoever did the design, well done! Every corner, feels like seperate place (nice work with carpets, almost each section has one, that’s little trick of how to make place more “yours”).


So, coffee. Served in the most cliche cups that specialty coffee has ever seen, Yes, ACME like cups (of course there are several reasons why those cups are good, I love them too). Aroma, as it is Aeropress, on point, Colombian with a touch of this floral layer.

Temperature, drinkable, Not too hot, the actual drinking temperature, I hate when I get coffee and hear this “ooooh when it gets cooler this coffee starts to release more flavours, No it doesn’t You dumb dumb, YOU are able to name the flavours, they don’t magically appear out of nowhere). So yes, Temperature was perfect for me to enjoy coffee since the first minute.

Taste. You know that I roast coffee a bit, buy greens, set profiles etc. I wish that all my coffee was brewed like this. Of course, water makes huge impact here, without a doubt there is inverted osm… BLAH BLAH BLAH. Very well balanced coffee, sweet like caramel, really pleasant aftertaste, surprisingly clean as for aeropress. Flavour of jasmin tea, touch of yellow fruits on top of it (very Colombian, I know).

Overall? Well, If I were to judge competition, this coffee would probably land at 4 – 4,5 s in most sections which is very good. Pleasant, well brewed, balanced, interesting, ideal for my Saturday mood.


Let’s sum this up. Coffeedesk is an amazing place, that every town should have. I don’t say that because I love them (cause I do), I say that, because I wanted to have my Prufrock in Warsaw and now I have it.

Do I reccomend? Highly. For everyone, but especially for people who want, or already have coffee shops, come here, see how it should be done, as this place can be an example of how to do it.


That’s it.

Till the next time.

Pav’s out!

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