V60 – What REALLY matters? 


It’s me again.

Let’s talk about last post, shall we? 

Well, You guys went nuts. I mean it. The amount of repsonse I got from you. Literally more than hundred messages from probably every country in the world (ok, not). This just proved my point, you saying “thank you for telling the truth and being honest about all of it”. You know You can be honest too. It’s fun, you will just have less friends.

I guess, what I’m saying here is thank You. Thank You for breaking the record of more than 100 Thousands reads, and trippling it because of freaking UK news fb pages sharing this, like WTF?! Did I just promote the specialty coffee as a bunch of dickheads to 300 k people?


V60 🙂 

This little, device has done some amazing job in our industry. It is probably the most favourite brewing device ever and it still kills on the championships of guessing if barista hit the judges callobration profile, I mean, the brewers cup (savage). 

Here is the problem. I still get at least few msgs a week about “hey Pav, what’s your recipe for V60?”.

Okay, look, no, ok? No recipe. What is the recipe for V60? All I do is use 60 grams a litre, using brew control chart to know if I’m brewing inside the comfort zone (that’s what I call this square). You know, you can make 12g/200g or 15g/250g or 45g/750g… Proportions much? Yes 🙂 

So, leeeet’s geeet riiiiiight into the neeeews! (keem pls)


1. Most of your preinfusion suck, I’m talking to all of you, big, famous coffee shops, even in my town, you guys know who I’m talking about 🙂  Basically, what You want in hand brew, is to be consistent and make even extraction. 

Look what You do on EVERY BREW: 

See that big blob of dry coffee? That’s the bottom of your bloom. No, don’t start your “eeeeh it’s not, I make spiral 360 no scope headshot pour and everything is wet”, it’s not, unless you agitate. This dry coffee will get preinfused at the same time as other will start extracting, sugars, fat, blah blah blah. Then, our wet coffee extracts less and less, but our dry coffee picks up, and starts to extract, cause it’s got a delay like internet explorer ^^ (10 points for I.E. joke, thank you very much). I don’t have more to say about it, just agitate the bloom if you want your extraction to be even. If you don’t do it, don’t talk to me about evenness. OH! And I know, you are going to say: “cool Pav, but I will probably agitate this differently each time, how can I be consistent”… Well. I prefer to have slighlty different bloom agitation and even extraction, rather than funky coffee (you call it funky, cause it’s weird).


Some of You ask me about sizes and recipes. Again… Proportions, but, there is crucial thing. 

Coffee bed size. Mr Master King The Prince of the coffee, one and only, SCOOOOOOOOT RRRRRAAAAAOOOOOO checked it, tried it, explained it, so I won’t get into it too much (buy his book). Basically, your coffee bed should NEVER be outside of 3-5 cm height zone. On any brewing device, with any shape of filter. 3-5 cm height of coffee, we are talking dry coffee. Check it, if it’s 7 cm, You need to use a size bigger dripper. Boom, easy.


See, when You have the right size of dripper, use good amount of water to bloom (triple the amount of coffee, double is not enough), you agitated the bloom, you need to pour water now. Here is a tricky part. 

Water stream is dynamic. It’s power. What is power, Well, in this case, it’s swirling. What is swirling. Well, in this case, it’s agitation. What does it mean Pav? 


What You need, is practise your stream thickness. I always keep my stream smaller than the pencil thickness (the end of pencil, not the drawing side). That gives me soft flow, not overagitating the coffee bed with it. 

How to practise? Well, the way I train people is simple. You know those little trays where you have boiler for hot water on brew bar? That steal thing on yout bar where water will hit? It’s got small wholes. Practise on them, try to keep stream inside the whole for 30 seconds on each size. BELIEVE ME, you will master it. Of you don’t have that, anything would do, top of la marzocco machine, take it off, use the holes, maybe you will finally clean the machine too 😛 
Okay, that is what REALLY MATTERS. Everything else is just a personal preference. 

Thank You for all your crazy support, if You like it, please do share it with your friends, leave a like and subscribe (daaamn, my youtube skills came to my blog). 

Until next time


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