This coffee tastes like shit

Hello, it’s me, I was wondering, if after all this time… ok, let’s not do that 🙂

I am sitting at the coffee room and I felt like I would love to share a piece of my mind with all of you, as Pav, not coffeepav. It won’t be edited, so there might be some beautiful sentences.

I have changed, a lot. In terms of coffee and my personality. Gothenburg made me grow up a little bot more. I reestablished myself inside my head, changed my priorities. I started to see and hear much more, understand much more. Mom, I’m a big boy now!

Here is what I have a problem with and probably You have heard that million  times. Negativity covered with good PR. Yes, that’s right, that’s what A LOT of our industry is to me.

Leeeeeeet’s geeeeet riiiiiight intoooo the neeeeews – greetings to keemstar fans ^^


See, I have met A LOT of people during last year or so. I am talking hundreds of people, that we admire, learn from, worship… In most cases, they are normal, nice people (don’t worry, I’m not gonna throw names, boy, that would be funny if I did, we would have such a drama here ❤ ). I have talked to them, joked with them, cupped with them, basically, I have interacted with them. We talked mostly about coffee, because unfortunately, that’s the only thing  you can talk about with a lot of coffee people.

(This scene is made up, but the message is based on my experience).

We have roster A with me. We are about to cup some coffee. On the table there are coffees from rosters B,C,D,E. Here is what is going on. We  have like 15 people in the house. Some coffees taste better than other, obviously. There is Instagram thunder going on. During the cupping, I have heard “this coffee tastes like shit” etc. An hour after cupping has finished, I see a post from a person that said such things, that said something like, “today, we cupped coffee from roasters B,C,D,E, all of them were amazing, I love when we connect through the coffee, even if it’s just through the bean. #coffeefriends” (this hashtag turn my stomach into carousel).

Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with not liking something. What is wrong, is pretending, playing, acting, lying, ass licking and so on…

I know that in coffee industry, I am seen as this ignorant di##head, well, what can I say. I’m not ignorant, I just hate when people play and pretend, but what I hate the most? Having coffee “professionals”, the big names, big deals, coming for a coffee to my place. You know why? Because they will never just come for a coffee and chat. You want to ask coffeepav, how to distribute coffee or clean the machine? Come here right now, You’re more than welcome, but the problem is your slurping party, your ews, ohs, ahs, your difficult words, your judgmental tone, your negativity. See, I serve the best coffee in Gothenburg, You can agree or not, but that’s what it is, call me a cocky, I don’t care, I know coffee… I had a full house few days ago, cool couples, few people standing, music on, I’m playing pokemon go, beautiful  day. Suddenly, two coffee monsters come. Get 4 different filters and two espressos. Slurping, whistling so much, that I had to turn the volume up, cause when I hear that sound outside of cupping table, I really want make my own “making murderer” series. Then comes the “this is shit, that roster is shit, they are shit, shit shit shit” attitude. Let me get something straight, TO ALL OF YOU “it tastes like shit” people, Well, I am so thrilled to learn that at some point of your life, you have all tasted poop, it’s great, maybe keep it for yourself? Buuuut, let’s continue with our outstanding specialists. I have served Kenyan to other people in the shop, so when our “I know everything” guy started to criticize roasting skills, profile and PERSON ITSELF, I literally saw that other couple taking a short look at their cups Oo.

You know, I don’t want to be so mean or something,  but tone it down a notch. Why do we only talk about negative things? Why can’t you say “Oh, there is this amazing place, with super hot barista, amazing coffee, a little bit roasty, but still, I had a great time”, instead there will be “I’ve been to that place… shit coffee, shit place, hot barista but service shit”.

I said this to Per, he agreed with me, that in fact, we choose to talk about things we don’t like rather than talk about good things that happened.

Now, this article or whatever you call it, wasn’t to make anyone feel bad, wasn’t to point at someone, I just want to ask you, could you please, start to be more positive? Stop talking”shit”, be more open? We create this industry, noone else, if we bring negativity into it, it will stay, negativity has huge impact on everything. When you come to the coffee shop, take your coffee, drink it, have a great time, chat to people, chat to me (I’m not a human), don’t look for mistakes, don’t look for bad things, of course, when you see terrible mistakes, you can QUIETLY point the to barista, but please, stop being a mistake detective, because I can bet with you, that If I enter your shop, in first 10 seconds I will spot 5 “mistakes”, but what’s the purpose?

My coffee is cold now… great, oh well, I will sell it tomorrow as cold brew ^^

Have a great day, really, please, HAVE A GREAT DAY!


1 thought on “This coffee tastes like shit

  1. thats from deep of my heart… thank you for this post. Sometimes my friend enter cafe and start counting my mistakes like on barista competition. It is rude. because still I am doing my job and customer starts to feel uncomfortable but for no reason. Thank you man… this is rock falling from my shoulders!!!


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