Peter Giuliano about varieties of coffee, global warming and much more…

Hello Everyone!

Today will be about varieties… As I am not an expert in this topic, I have invited someone special to talk about this. Mr Peter Giuliano! For those who don’t know Peter here is a small introduction:


,,In 1988, Peter Giuliano began his career in coffee as a barista in San Diego. Since then, Peter has worked in a variety of coffee occupations, including roaster, cupper, manager, trainer, and coffee buyer. Peter became involved in the Specialty Coffee Association of America as a volunteer over a decade ago, when a workshop taught at SCAA headquarters inspired him to become more involved as a volunteer and trainer. Since then, Peter has been deeply involved in SCAA training programs, serving as Training Committee Chair from 2005-2007. He has been a volunteer for the Coffee Corps and other CQI programs, teaching cupping, roasting, and marketing programs. He is a proud member of the Roasters Guild, and was a founder of its Executive Council, sitting on the Council from 2001-2007 and serving as its chair in 2004. Peter is the Director of Coffee and co-owner of Counter Culture Coffee, a wholesale roasting and coffee education company based in Durham, North Carolina. Peter has dedicated himself to coffee education and advocacy, and the recognition of extraordinary coffee and coffee professionals worldwide”*

No more left to say, I invite You all to watch my interview with Peter.

For those Who couldn’t open the player, here is Youtube version:

Link to the article from the guardian:

,,Coffee makes us more connected to the world, and that makes us better people”

*Information taken from

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